OLAES Modular Bandages

The Olaes Modular Bandage is the newest product from Tactical Medical Solutions Inc., to aid in increasing the effectiveness of modern tactical combat casualty care. No other bandage offers so much versatility in such a small package. This bandage allows one to cover minor wounds, apply truly effective pressure dressings, apply occlusive dressing, and have the ability to pack severe wounds with one bandage. Designed with direct input from some the most experienced combat medics in the the world, no detail has been left out. From the adhesive "brakes" to the elastic bandage that prevent accidental unrolling, to the zig-zag packed gauze that easily feeds from the bandage, this is the most feature packed bandage available without any  unnecessary add-ons. This elastic bandage is 3 meters of sterile 6 ply gauze with plastic sheeting to act as an occlusive dressing and a pressure bar that focuses pressure on the wound site. The Olaes bandage is NTOA rated 4.75 out of 5.  

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